Outstanding Outreach (And How to Do It)

Quality over quantity. Which matters more? Personally, I choose quality when it comes to shoes. And quantity when it comes to Halloween candy. But what about when it comes to outreach for your business? Is it better to risk getting thrown into Spam Jail by sending 100 templated emails, or to put all your precious link-building eggs in 1 well-researched, personalized email basket? Today on Marketing Is Broken, growth expert Stephen Panico tells us how to create better outreach, and less outrage.

The quality-vs-quantity struggle is alive and well in online marketing. It takes real, time-consuming work to do thoughtful, personal outreach. (A lot more work than it takes to “spray and pray,” as the charming phrase goes.)

If you’ve worked in marketing for longer than 5 minutes, you’ve gotten one of THOSE emails. You know the ones:

“Dear Josh, I was recently reading your great article — and then they just paste in the main URL of your blog — and really enjoyed it. Hmm, typo, typo… I think a link to our related work — and then they paste in the URL to a truly terrible, totally irrelevant blog — would benefit both of us.”


Putting aside my, ahem, personal feelings on the matter, I got curious. Do emails like this actually work? They must. Otherwise, why are marketers still sending them?

And IF these offensively bad emails actually produce results, how does their ROI compare to the results of truly personalized outreach?

Before you resign yourself to hours of LinkedIn research every week, listen to what my guest, Stephen Panico, has to say. Stephen is the Chief Growth Officer at Buzzstream, where he builds software that helps YOU build relationships. Spam not included.

Watch the episode to watch Stephen answer these questions:

  • How personal is personal enough when it comes to outreach?
  • Is there such a thing as too personal? What kind of things should marketers avoid when personalizing their outreach?
  • What's your best tip for getting your outreach emails opened and read?

Think we missed an outreach tip, or want to flood my inbox with irrelevant link-building requests? Drop a comment below. Just be sure to make it count.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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