What Are The Most Effective Marketing Channels To Grow Brands?

Which marketing channels do you think are the most effective for brand building? If you’re a digital marketer, you might be surprised by the results of a recent study from Ebiquity. Plus, what do they mean by “effective,” anyway? Tune in to find out...

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A new study by Ebiquity suggests that traditional media still vastly outperforms online ads when it comes to effectiveness.

The UK-based consultancy found that while advertisers and agencies are pushing ad formats like online video and paid social media, in reality, TV, radio, and print are best when it comes to the important things marketers really need from their advertising.

When it comes to defining effectiveness, Ebiquity asked advertisers from some of the highest spending agencies and brands in the world to rate the importance and effectiveness of different media attributes.

The 5 Most Important Media Attributes

On the importance side, according to marketers themselves, the five most important attributes of media are:

  1. Targeting the right people in the right place at the right time

  2. Increasing campaign return-on-investment, or ROI

  3. Triggering a positive emotional response

  4. Increasing brand salience, which is the degree to which a consumer considers a brand in a buying situation

  5. Maximizing campaign reach

Each media channel was graded on its effectiveness and then weighted by its importance.

As far as research goes, it’s a pretty rigorous study. So well-done in fact, that it even got marketing columnist and curmudgeon, Mark Ritson, to stop shaking his fists in the air for a day. That’s impressive.

We wanted to know if the findings from this UK study hold true with what marketers are seeing in the U.S. so we sat down with Sarah Zielie, the new Vice President of Media at space150, to see what marketing channels she thought were most important and effective for her clients.

Watch the video above to see Sarah answer these questions:

  • Targeting, ROI, emotional impact, salience, and reach… are these the most important factors for marketers to consider?
  • The Ebiquity findings showed that traditional channels are still more effective than digital channels in the UK. Do you think the same is true in the U.S.?
  • What are some questions any marketer can ask themselves to make sure they’re investing in the right channel for their brand?

Most Effective Marketing Channels: Your Thoughts

What marketing channels do you think are the most important? The most effective? Or how about this? What marketing channels do you think are garbage?

Share your thoughts with a comment and you might just win yourself some new Brandish Insights gear.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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