Is Marketing Inconsistency Throttling 23% Of Your Success?

Growth hacking is all the rage for startups and companies that want to grow quickly. But are innovation and novelty creating a one-sided view of what it takes for brands to succeed? In this episode of Marketing Is Broken, we look at how inconsistency is likely stunting your company’s brand growth and what you can do about it.

Welcome to Marketing Is Broken where we strike down bad marketing like an editor with too much coffee and new red pen. Let’s go to this week’s story: “Orbit Media Blogger Statistics & Trends Report”

Orbit Media just released its 5th annual blogger trends report. This year’s guide asked more than a thousand bloggers about their approach to blogging and covered topics such as blogging length, time, frequency, formats, and tactics.

When segmenting the data for respondents who say they achieved success from their blogging efforts, two competing dynamics emerged.

First, successful bloggers are putting more effort into each post. Longer blog posts are becoming more prevalent, both in terms of word count and the amount of time it takes to create them. The longer the blog post, the more likely you are to report having a successful blog.

But second, blogging success also has to do with blogging frequency. Orbit Media’s study showed that the blogs that published the most frequently were also the most successful.

Each insight by itself is interesting, but put together, it’s pretty clear that bloggers have simply concluded that more is better.

That’s not exactly good news for bloggers. Basically, if you want more success, you’re just going to have to do more work. Most of us are already feeling like Scotty from Star Trek and if we give ‘er any more, she’ll blow.

So.. is there a way to work smarter and not harder here? Can we increase our content marketing success without more output?

That brings us to this week’s topic. Marketing Consistency

Marketers Are Consistently Inconsistent

Consistency is one of those things that we know is good for us but, for whatever reason, find ourselves constantly fighting.

As marketers, we crave novelty, innovation, and anything fresh. If we wanted things to be the same every day, we would have gotten into accounting.

But according to a study by Lucidpress, brand consistency is responsible for 23% of the revenue that companies generate. Like it or not, we need to force ourselves to embrace consistency if we want our content brands to grow.

So how can content creators get the most value from being consistent? Why not take a cue from an industry that has content consistency on lock-down: TV.

Learning Consistency From Television

On some level, a blog is a lot like programming a television network.

As a blog editor, you get to choose the types of shows on the network, when they air, their formats. There are a lot of parallels.

And just like with TV, there are just certain rules you shouldn’t break. In many cases, consistency is at that the core of those rules.

Here are three ways that bloggers can learn from the television industry to achieve more consistency and with it, more blogging success.  

1. Consistency In Cadence

First, content creators should be consistent with their cadence.

If you think about it, we all have a few pockets in our day where we consume content. Maybe you check your feeds while you’re enjoying your morning coffee. Or maybe you listen to your favorite podcasts in the afternoon after work every day.

These are your available time slots and just like TV, there’s such a thing as prime time. As a creator, you should find your audience’s best available time slots and then publish content consistently to train them to expect your content regularly.

2. Consistency In Concepts

Second, be consistent with your concepts.

In the world of television, it would be nearly unthinkable for a show to change its format. If Seinfeld went from being a show about nothing to a show about something, it just wouldn’t make any sense.

If crime scene dramas all of a sudden started cracking dark jokes about the victims, viewers would be completely appalled.

Similarly, we creators should hold ourselves more accountable when it comes to selecting themes for our content and then sticking to them. That doesn’t mean you need to limit what you publish to just one type of content. But you should find your thing or things and then stick to them.

For example, this video series is called Marketing Is Broken and will always be about things that the marketing industry could be doing better.

3. Consistency In Topics

And rounding out our tips for content consistency, our third tip is to be consistent in your topics.

Most bloggers today are aware of search engine optimization at some level and many of us even have targeted keyword lists.

But with Google’s new Topic Layer, which the company says is, “engineered to deeply understand a topic space and how interests can develop over time as familiarity and expertise grow,” content marketers absolutely need to be more consistent in the topics they want to cover.

It’s much more important to rank for a handful of keywords that don’t have a lot of search demand but are central to your business than it is to rank for high-traffic search terms that aren’t 100% relevant to your brand.

So please, take Orbit Media’s advice and publish more content if you can. But if you’re already at maximum capacity, then look at consistency as your next big move to grow your blog and your brand.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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