How Can Disruptive Brands Change The Status Quo?

The maker’s of Schick now also own the Harry’s shaving products brand. This week we ask just exactly what does it take for disruptive brands to shake up the status quo in a market category?

Another direct-to-consumer brand has officially made it big. That’s right. Edgewell Personal Care Company recently announced their decision to buy Harry’s for $1.37B.

That’s even more than the $1B that Unilever paid to acquire Dollar Shave Club back in 2016, which is impressive considering Harry’s is only six years old.

In a press release published on May 9th, Edgewell declared that, “Harry's has been a disruptive force across the men's and women's shaving market.”

Edgewell president Rod Little said, "The combination of Edgewell and Harry's is a pivotal step forward in further transforming our organization and strengthening our competitive position and ability to drive sustained growth and value creation."

In other words, Edgewell was losing a lot of market share to Harry’s, so they decided to buy them. You know what they say… if you can’t beat ‘em, acquire them?

How Do Today's VC-Backed Startups Disrupt Markets?

We wanted to know what it takes to disrupt a category in need of a shake-up and so we reached out to Paul Paradis, the Chief Revenue Officer and Cofounder of alternative payments platform, Sezzle, to ask him some questions about how it’s done.

Watch the video to see Paul answer these questions:

  • You’ve has raised over $100M to disrupt the consumer credit industry. What’s broken about credit today and why is Sezzle’s approach a threat to the way things have been done?
  • In the book Zero to One, Peter Thiel describes a 10x rule that says a successful business should strive to be 10 times better than its next competitor. Is that true or false, or somewhere in between?
  • What should marketers do if they want to find the biggest opportunities for disruption in their category?

What is your favorite disruptive brand and what why did they have such an impact on you? How do you identify the biggest areas for disruption and what should incumbent brands do if they don’t want to get complacent?

Share your thoughts in the comments might just win yourself some new Brandish Insights gear.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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