How Digital Customer Experiences Are Driving Brand Growth

Did you know that the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of some of today’s biggest brands are turning to digital customer experience (DCX) to drive brand growth? It’s true. In this week’s episode we look at how marketers can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value by focusing on their DCX. Plus, special guest Mark Traphagan from Aimclear shares his opinions on how content can shape the customer experience. Tune in for all that and more.

If you could find out what the marketing leaders of Homeaway, Domino’s and Marriott International were doing to stay competitive, what would you do with that information?

In a recent Adweek article, marketing analyst and futurist Brian Solis shared insights from interviews with some of marketing’s most important CMOs on how they’re using digital customer experience, or DCX, as a way to please customers and gain market share.

Gain Customers By Improving The Experience

Just what were the biggest takeaways?

  1. To stay top of mind, smart brands are investing heavily in innovating at the earliest stages of the customer journey: search and discoverability because it’s really hard to be a customer’s final decision if you’re not in their initial consideration set.
  2. Despite the buzz, improving DCX realistically means creating a cross-functional group led by marketing that maps the customer journey, assembling data across touchpoints, and organizing marketing efforts around journey renovation and innovation.
  3. Marketers should measure business performance along with customer-centric KPIs, such as customer lifetime value will help justify investments within your organization.

There’s never been a better time for marketers to lead the rest of the organization under the banner of customer experience. But change can often be difficult, and so helpful to hear stories from brands who have benefited from putting the customer first.

Content & Customer Experience

We wanted to know how to get started improving the customer experience and what role marketing content plays, so we reached out to Mark Traphagen, the Vice President of Content Strategy at the digital marketing agency, Aimclear, to ask him a few questions about how to put together a strategy that both provides a better customer experience and helps grow the company.

Watch the video to see Mark answer these questions about digital customer experience and content:

  • As digital customer experience (DCX) becomes more important, how has that changed the demand, production value, and budgets for content creation?
  • The C-suite needs to hear things in personalized, compelling, and hyper-relevant ways to create a sense of urgency. How do you create buy-in for more and better content?
  • Not everyone takes the time or money to create customer journey maps, personas, and other strategic assets. Do marketers need to pause everything until these things are in place or can you phase them in as time allows?

What Are Your Thoughts About Customer Experience?

How important is the digital customer experience? And what role does your marketing and content play in shaping the customer experience? Does marketing’s increasing role in the customer’s experience mean we should have more power in the company?

Share your thoughts in the comments might just win yourself some new Brandish Insights gear.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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