Cold Outbound For Marketers (Without All The Awkwardness)

Cold calling… if the thought of it makes you cringe as a marketer, you’re not alone. Cold outbound outreach isn’t the most elegant marketing tactic and can often rub consumers the wrong way. But, in this week’s episode, we look at some new ways that marketers can be more effective by warming up their approach to prospecting for new leads. Plus, special guest Mark Colgan joins us with his thoughts on how many outreach attempts is too many, among other things. Stay tuned for all that and more.

Oddly enough, 3% isn’t an unrealistic number when it comes to three things:

If the natural rate of occurrence is the same across so many mediums, what does that tell you? About 97% of people aren’t in the buying frame of mind when they see our marketing campaigns.

But despite a nearly universal rejection of cold offers, many of us marketers have no choice but to include outbound tactics as at least a part of our mix. Leads and sales don’t just grow on trees, right?

And so we marketers have to get resourceful when it comes to reaching out to potential consumers who haven’t expressed any interest in what we have to sell. We can do better than 3%, right?

We recently came across an episode of the Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast where Mark Colgan, the Chief Revenue Officer at TaskDrive, outlined some of his best strategies for cold outbound lead generation. We loved the episode so much that we asked him to answer some of our most burning follow-up questions about cold outreach.

Watch the video to hear Mark answer these questions:

  • Cold outbound doesn’t have to be so cold these days. How do you research prospects and use that information to increase your outreach success?
  • You've said in the past that, "Content comes before outreach." What do you mean by that and how does content support the sales process?
  • You've said that it's OK to reach out to someone as much as six times without a response. I get nervous reaching out to a person I don’t know even before the first attempt. How should people think about outbound marketing if they want to become more comfortable and successful with it?

Are you more of an outbound or inbound marketer? What are your favorite tactics or tips for outbound marketing and what kind of success rates do you see when you use them?

Share your thoughts in the comments might just win yourself some new Brandish Insights gear.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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