Can You Build A Trusted Brand Using The Fake Internet?

The Internet is getting more fake every day. Fake news, astroturfed reviews, what are marketers to do? In this week’s episode we look at how brands can build trust in an era where it’s hard to know who to believe. Tune in to check it out.

Twitter is automatically deleting ten accounts every second. According to a recent story over at Fast Company, the social media platform has to remove 6-to-7-and-a-half million accounts per week and struggles to keep up with all the bots.

Whether they try to influence voters, scam you out of money, or leave bogus reviews, fake online accounts might represent a growing threat to marketers.

Consider this:

In a recent survey by the team at CPC Strategy, three-quarters of Amazon shoppers reported trusting reviews on the website either somewhat or fully.

Not only that 1 in 7 shoppers say that reviews are among the biggest purchase factors they considered.

Meanwhile, a recent Washington Post investigation found that more than half of all the reviews in popular categories like bluetooth headphones and speakers were either fake or suspicious.

We live in a world where consumers have put a lot of faith into what they see online, whether it’s the people they follow on Twitter, the news they read on different websites, or the reviews they consider when they make their purchases.

If they ever truly figured out the shenanigans we marketers are capable of, would they ever be able to look at the brands we work for in the same way?

How To Build Brand Trust with Jennifer Zick

We wanted to know how brands could genuinely gain their consumers’ trust, so we reached out to Jennifer Zick, the CEO and Founder of the Minneapolis-based consulting group, Authentic Brand, to get her thoughts on how brands can gain consumers’ trust the right way.

Watch the video above to see Jennifer answer the following questions:

  • Should marketers be concerned about the rise of the fake web?
  • As a marketer or employee, what should someone do when their client or boss asks to contribute a positive review or tweet an endorsement of the company?
  • What can brands do to gain trust from consumers the right way? Obviously, having a good product or service is important. But what else?

What are your thoughts? Are bots, fake news, and online reviews ruining for all the consumer-fearing marketers out there or will those that try to create truly trustworthy brands prevale?

Share your thoughts with a comment and you might just win yourself some new Brandish Insights gear.

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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