Why Is Branded Imagery Still The Best Way To Impact Consumers?

What kind of media do consumers find most engaging: basic visuals like video and imagery, interactive experiences like AR and VR, or conversational technology like chatbots and forums. A new study has the answer. Tune in to find out.

The majority of consumers still prefer good old fashioned videos and imagery to some of the newer forms of engagement on the web.

According to a new study by digital asset management platform, Bynder that we spotted on Adweek, when asked about the type of content consumers find to be most impactful, this is what they said:

  1. 59% of respondents said imagery and video was the most impactful type of engagement

  2. About 17% said they prefer interactive technologies like augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

  3. 12% of people said they preferred conversational technologies like chatbots and forums.

  4. And finally 10% of people said they liked long-form articles or blog posts

While the Internet has been trending away from primarily text-based content in lieu of more images and video for years, it’s hard to say how much interactive and conversational experiences will end up impacting the content mix.

When it comes to where content makes its impact, 28% said blogs and articles, 23% said social media, and only 17% said online advertising. It’s almost like consumers are trying to tell us to create more branded content and less ads if we want to make an impact. Less ads… that’s just crazy talk.

We wanted to know more about how to create an impact with consumers using imagery and other types of media, so we reached out to Mark Johnstone, a data visualization expert and creative content consultant, to ask him a few questions about imagery, media, and building a brand.

Watch the video to hear Mark answer the following questions:

  • Why do you think consumers find it to be the most engaging type of content?
  • Interactive experiences, AR and VR are on the rise. How important will visuals and imagery be to these new experiences?
  • Chatbots… will they become part of everyone’s content mix or are they a passing trend?

What’s your content mix look like? Do you invest heavily in imagery and video, or do you focus more on pioneering new technology like VR or chat bots? What’s the perfect mix needed to make the biggest impact with consumers?

The first person who says, “it depends” in the comments might just win yourself some new Brandish Insights gear. 

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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