Under the Influence(r): How B2B Celebrities Can Boost Your Brand

Influencers! They make more money from one sponsored Instagram post than you do in a year. When you hear the word “influencer,” you’re probably thinking of social media celebrities, whose legions of lemming-like followers buy whatever they promote. But B2B has its own cadre of influencers… and if you’re not leveraging their reach to build your business, then HOW CAN YOU EVEN CALL YOURSELF AN INTERNET MARKETER, KAREN? Today on Marketing Is Broken, I’m talking with Lee Odden, a B2B marketing expert and influencer in his own right. With more than 100,000 Twitter followers, 99% of whom are real (we checked), Lee’s the perfect person to share influencer tips that WON’T lead you off a cliff.

Chances are, you already follow a “B2B influencer” or ten. You just think of them differently: as business owners or leaders with good ideas, whose opinions you respect. Maybe you’ve seen B2B influencers speak at an industry conference, or you follow them for inspirational insights or strategic wisdom.

If being a “B2B influencer” sounds like a fake job, just wait ‘til you hear about your neighbor’s essential oil business. I’m sure peppermint oil is great, Karen, but I think I’ll get a flu shot just in case.

Creating a relationship with an influencer who’s relevant to your space can be a boon to your marketing results. And your street cred.

So what’s the best way to identify the right person, reach out, and define a truly mutually beneficial way to work together? How do you go from “Take a selfie with my SaaS” to “Share my product with the class”?

CEO of TopRank Marketing, Lee Odden, has useful insight on this topic. As a sought-after keynote speaker and a bona fide B2B marketing thought leader, his opinions have real pull. Just look at those LinkedIn post stats.

Watch the episode to see Lee answer these questions:

  • What are some of the biggest differences between B2C and B2B influencers that you've seen?
  • How do you find B2B influencers and what are some ground rules for dealing with them?
  • What are some common goals for B2B influencer programs and how can marketers get started?

There you have it — advice on how to make other people’s popularity work for YOU. If only I’d watched this episode in high school…

Author: Josh Braaten

CEO - Brandish Insights

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