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Brandish Insights gives you the brand analytics, measurement,
and consumer insights you need to grow your brand.

Build A Better Brand With Analytics

Google Analytics changed the way we measured our websites. Now Brandish Insights is revolutionizing how we measure our brands. We take the thoughts and feelings from hundreds of real consumers and turn them into metrics, reports, and dashboards that will help you grow your brand.

Brand Analytics

Leverage the world’s first brand analytics platform to measure and track six innovative branding metrics for your brand and your competitors.

Consumer Surveys

Ask your ideal consumers any question about your product or service and receive statistically-significant responses along with an expert analysis.

Data For Content

High-quality, original content is increasingly required to compete in Google’s organic search results. We produce the data you need to create your best content ever.

Brand Analytics Features

We ask hundreds of real consumers about your brand to provide you with unparalleled marketing insights:
  • Track eight brand-focused key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Compare your brand against four of your competitors
  • Measure awareness lifts pre- and post-campaigns
  • Reveal statistically accurate consumer insights
  • Discover unseen marketing opportunities
  • Build a brilliant brand using data and measurement

More Brand Measurement Services

Data For Content Marketing

We produce the data you need to create your best content ever. Commission your own study to produce the statistics you need for journalism-quality media and content for your marketing campaigns.

Research can be as big or small as you need and range from industry-wide reports down to factoids needed for news, infographics, and press releases.

Audience-Based Personas

Personas are a critical component of any successful brand framework, but many marketers dislike them for a variety of reasons. These aren't like those personas.

Audience-Based Personas takes your best-performing advertising audience and creates statistically accurate customer personas, complete with new advertising lists and complete consumer profiles.

Market Research Studies

This isn’t one of those market research studies that costs way too much and sits on a shelf when it’s done.

Our custom market research studies target consumers online with programmatic precision. You gain statistically significant answers to your C-suite’s most burning questions about what consumers really think of your brand.

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